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I don't know why, last time I w il y a 9 mois 1 semaine #2793

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I don't know why, last time I went to the lychee with my grandmother. I saw a small tree, I thought the tree was not a grandmother Marlboro Red. I was very naughty at the time, I wanted to cut the tree. then. Grandma said, "What are you doing?" Grandma took out a gauze and wrapped it with the tree. I want to be a tree without knowing it. I were a tree. I want to grow on the side of the road.ause, in this way, not only do people fertilize me every day, but also listen to the singing of birds. If there is a big hot sun in the sky. I will serve the public, I will shade people and make people more cool. You can still sleep there. How good. night, when I am lonely. I can talk to the moon and the stars in the sky. Some stars twinkle, like gems. Still like people's eyes are coming and going; I can also chat with the flowers, grass, trees, and wood around them.��s autumn. It is people who receive a good season. Let people eat the fruits of my tree. sweet. This is my report that people give me fertilization every day. No matter how hot the sun is, they still fertilize me. Let me grow up healthily. So this is why I have to repay them. No matter what illness they have. I insisted on fertilizing me. They love me very much. I am also very concerned about them, when I watch them come to water me every day. I looked at their hard work. I want to ask them to go back. but. They don't know what I am thinking about. I can move. I will do what they need. I will also tell them that this is my heart. At that time they should be very touched. Like they helped me. I am also very touchedOnce, Xiaoyan and I both had a cold, a fever, a headache, and could not go to school. After Zhang went to the hospital to buy medicine, she hurriedly went to class. After school, I rushed home and accompanied us to tell us some interesting stories. In the evening, Teacher Zhang asked Xiao Yan to sleep alone Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, but she slept with me to take care of me from time to time. In the night Parliament Cigarettes, I had a fever and a fever. When I was crying for my mother, Teacher Zhang held me tightly in my arms and gently patted and groaned, making me feel as if my mother was there. After I was in good health, Teacher Zhang spent another week to help me with my homework so that my academic performance did not fall to the next step Cigarette Tobacco For Sale.have lived in my teacher's home for two years. In her home, I got the lost maternal love, and the traumatic mind slowly recovered. I didn't reluctantly leave this home full of maternal love until my father and mother picked me up. From then on, I have a special feeling for Teacher Zhang.ow, I graduated from elementary school. I heard that Teacher Zhang has also transferred to other places. Since then, I have never seen Teacher Zhang again Marlboro Cigarettes Online.cher Zhang, you are really a good teacher I respect the most!
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