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The book is a friend who lives il y a 11 mois 48 minutes #2794

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The book is a friend who lives with us forever. It is our spiritual food, giving us knowledge, wisdom and strength. Gorky said that "the book is the ladder of human progress, the lifelong companion, the most sincere friend." My good story with the book will never be a rest Marlboro Gold Pack, only become more and more abundant as I grow up. It is like a sweet and strong wine, and the wine is filled with my love for the bo early as in kindergarten, from the moment I picked up the book, I became a good friend with the book and formed an indissoluble bond.he age of 4, I saw a book in the cousin's house, "Andersen's Fairy Tales." When I saw the book, it was attracted by its colorful cover. Open the book and read it carefully one word at a time Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. When I read the story of "Tortoise and Rabbit Race", I couldn't help but laugh. I thought: If not this rabbit is arrogant, how can it be defeated by a slaughter turtle? Next, I read another vivid and interesting story - "The daughter of the sea" Marlboro Cigarettes Online, "The emperor's new clothes," "Little girl selling matches" and so on. I also met many people - good mermaids, clever emperors, poor little girls, and so on. They spent a happy and fulfilling afternoon with me and brought me into a beautiful and dreamy fairy tale world. This is the "Andersen's Fairy Tales", and I traveled with the ocean of boont. In the second grade, I fell in love with the book "Naughty Horses and Little Jumps". In this set of books, I have met four naughty bags��Ma Xiaotiao Newport Cigarettes Coupons, Tang Fei, Zhang Da, and Mao Chao. They are very headaches for teachers in school, and the disaster is not awkward. However, they are also very kind and always helpful. There is also Ma Xiaoyue's "same table family" Lu Manman, she is a good student of standard, but also a good assistant to Qin, but it is a "natural enemy" that four "naughty bags" can't avoid. There are also beautiful girls Xia Linguo, crazy girl Du Zhenzi, stupid girl Angel, little adult Ding Wentao... After reading this set of books, this lovely character, deeply imprinted in mym already a sixth grade primary school student. The favorite snacks, stars, and songs are constantly being refurbished, but the only constant is the love of books. From fairy tales to campus novels to children's literature to classics. My favorite book now is the foreign classics - Jane Eyre. Every sentence, every paragraph, and every chapter in thislar Zhang Xuecheng also said: "Reading is like a meal, good people eat long spirits, and people who are not good eaters have diseases." This sentence also applies to Shu Han��s general Guan Yu in the "Book of the Ring" Cigarettes Cheaper, to "read well, Good reading, read a good book."e of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and we shoulder the heavy responsibility of building a great motherland. Therefore, from an early age, you should study hard and master knod me through 11 years. It is like a jumping note, and it is like a radiant picture. It is the longevity of human civilization. It led me to the door of knowledge by ignorance, and accompanied me to climb the peak of knowledge from beginning to end. It allows me to see all areas of society and to purify my mind. It gave me the wings of imagination and made me have the goal of struggle.
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