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Walking into this green path, the il y a 11 mois 1 heure #2795

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Walking into this green path, the big banyan trees on both sides are lush and lush. It seems like a green umbrella that is stretched out; it is like a tall guardian guarding our campus. Two children can hold a big banyan tree, each tree is about two or three stories high. A gust of wind blew through the graceful dance of the banyan tree, and Grandpa Eucalyptus was like a naughty child, sometimes screaming. The leaves of the eucalyptus have deep and shallow leaves, and the green leaves are fragrant with aroma, as if walking into an orange forest. The dark green leaves smell very strong and some are pungent Marlboro Red 100S. The bark is very rough and no leaves are half smooth. Some leaves flap their wings like butterflies and fall. I leaned on a banyan tree, quietly, as if I were a banyan tree. I have roots under my feet, and I plunged into the soil and took sweet nutrition. The hair became a canopy, grows long, grows into a green tent; my arm turns into a branch, and the blood becomes a branch of the tree. . Long and long - grow into a big tree, a tree that blesses the people.Once upon a time, in a beau The lotus angel can't come out to play. The playful dream Sakura had to go out to play, and the result was almost discovered. After returning, Ling Xue said to her. Since then, Meng Ying has hated the moonlight, and collected the moonlight to prevent the moonlight from appearing again on the lotus pond Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. The lotus pond was gradually left out, no one came to play, and occasionally a few people took a few words before leaving. Some people even throw stones into the lotus pond, making it difficult for small fish to breathe and live. Ling Xue hates this lotus pond more and more, and wants to leave here, and follow the angel of the heart to go back to heaven. But she remembered that Dream Sakued "Luotan". He had no moonlight on his body. Handsome, love and cool is his style, which is consistent with the style that Meng Sakura likes. He knew that there was a lot of moonlight hidden here, and he would have liked to take the moonlight here. It turns out that he is a demon sent by the environment demon king Carton Of Cigarettes. As long as he gets the moonlight, he can occupy the moon and complete his mission. He is very smart and knows almost everything about the world. So he knows that it is difficult to get close to the owner of the moonlight. So he put on a handsome costume, riding a white horse, and came to the lotus castle. At that time, it was very clever, and the premonition angel (Lingxue) fell asleep. Although the dream cherry was beautiful, it was not a premonition angel, so he received him with great enthusiasm. In order to get the moonlight early, Lottain concealed his identity and deliberately said that he was the prince sent by God to protect them. The Angel of Dreams (Meng Sakura) immediately had a good impression on him and believed it, so he left him, warmly received, and gave him a large plate of hot food (because Dream Sakura is not only an angel of dreams, but also a Cooking angels), gave him a comfortable and beautiful room, and cleaned up his room, and changed the curtains of the room to a more beautiful curtain. Even the wind chimes changed, and the whole room was completely new and spotless. . After Ling Xue woke up, she also happily told the news of Ling Xue. But who knows that Ling Xue knows that Luo Tan is coming, very unhappy. She is often not good at Lotan, but she is always blocked by Dream Sakura Parliament Cigarettes. So Lingxue had to try to stay with Lottan. But in Lotten, she felt that there was an evil power, so she often stayed away from Luo Tan. But the dream cherry is in the drum, actually fell in love with Luo Tan, LMeng Ying was discovered by Luo Tan. He secretly took the moonlight and was ready to leave, and was stopped by the dream cherry. After dreaming cherry to finish the bag, he also asked to check the bag Cheap Cigarettes. Let Luotan do nothing, let her check. When Meng Ying was sorting out, she saw a large bag full of dust, took it out, patted the dust, and did not forget to open it and take a look. Unexpectedly, when I opened it, Meng Sakura found out that she was a treasure that she had hidden for many years - moonlight, so she took out the dagger that was thrown out of the Luotan bag and was thrown away to kill the shackle. Dream Sakura shed tears of sadness at the moment of killing Luo Tan. Her white wings immediately turned black. At the same time, she closed her eyes, opened her arms, and left Luo Tan with this beautiful world.
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